About Us

Why Choose Us?

We offer such tasty crispy fried chicken and fast food to customers craving and appetite, that they just keep coming back for more, which makes us an ideal and great choice to be offered the role of a franchisor. Our proven track record and the wonderful reviews from customers itself are self-explanatory as to why you should choose us the primary franchisor for all the subsidiary branches. We make it a point to ensure we provide you tastiest crispy chicken at the best prices the market has to offer. We also ensure all safety standards are met and we provide quality chicken thereby protecting the brand value and making us a popular choice amongst customers.

Fastest delivery service

We operate and serve customers in a radius of 10 km and customer is assured with fast delivery service in a turnaround time of 30 minutes.



Hygienic and quality food

We understand that our customers have the right to expect and demand good quality food. Hence the food we serve meets all the safety requirements in maintaining basic hygiene and quality.

Best taste of crispy chicken

We specialise and take pride in serving our customers tasty mouth watering crispy and juicy chicken of best quality and price in the market.



Best billing software

We invest in buying the state of the art and the latest technological related billing software system which not only gives our customers satisfaction but helps to maintain branding of our restaurant.

Profesional and trained staff

We strongly believe in educating, demonstrating and then shadowing which has helped us to employ and maintain highly professional and trained staff at our restaurant outlets.

Best service provider for all outlets

We have been running our service outlet most successfully from the last 3 years and the reviews from our customers will tell you why we stand as favourites amongst all service provider outlets.

Our Team

We have a very hardworking and dedicated team, who synergize very well together to bring you the best quality crispy, juicy chicken. We have a very successful and professional team who have years of experience in the restaurant business. With a passion for food and a welcoming personality we strive to ensure that everyone enjoys their time at our restaurant.