We have our head office at Lucknow(franchisor) and we have other branches open throughout UP, which are more than 30 locations spread uniformly at different pockets of the state. We are a franchise chain, we serve as a franchisee as well as a market chain i.e. you can buy one of our franchisee companies if you want to. We believe consistency is the key, when it comes to restaurant franchises. Customers want everything consistent across all units, so we tend to go with setting a rulebook of the do’s and don’ts while going with a franchise ownership. We have a 10-step process while franchising our restaurant which includes training, support, current model evaluation, robust process evaluation, trademark and logo designing, marketing and advertising, brand profile and cost estimation. Although it seems easy in running a franchise, the truth is it takes a great deal of time and hard work to maintain and thrive in any business form.

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