Our Services

Delivery of all raw materials

Our main branch(franchisor) is solely responsible for handling the delivery of all raw materials to its sub branches (franchisee) on time and at the right price and with the best quality possible. We make sure to have all the ingredients, garnishes and spices like mayonnaise, sauces and the veggies delivered fresh and of good quality to all our subsidiaries so as to maintain brand name and similar maintenance at all branches.



Staff training

 We provide in-house training to all our staff members so as to ensure safety standards of healthy cooking is maintained. We believe strongly in a 3-step process to ensure staff training. Firstly, we educate our staff on what all steps and procedures to be followed. Then we demonstrate to the new hires basics such as Table setting, Food running and ordering notes. Lastly, we shadow the new hires to check them for serving tables, running food, accepting reservations and clearing tables

Full Setup of restaurant

We specialise in setting up the restaurant right from the ground up to making it fully functional with all amenities. We have separate sections for the billing, serving and cooking sections. We engage our team for serving of all the meals with crispy and tasty chicken. We also help in setting up of all subsidiary branches and ensure they follow up with all norms and regulations to be followed.



Billing Software

We invest in buying the state of the art and the latest technological related billing software system which not only gives our customers satisfaction but also helps to maintain branding of our Restaurant. With a good automated and billing software system in place there are less chances of error and also helps to quickly calculate bills and dispatch customers. This is a much-needed technology for a fast food restaurant with fast moving traffic.

Maintain the taste and quality of the food

One of the most essential qualities which attracts clients to a restaurant are taste and good  quality so we take utmost care in trying to provide our customers with the best quality food.

We understand that our customers have the right to expect and demand good quality food. Hence the food we serve meets all the safety requirements in maintaining basic hygiene and quality.


Advertisement & Marketing

  We strongly believe it is necessary to market our product. It is not enough if we just employ the  best staff and cook the best chicken, we also need our customers to be aware of the product we are selling. We follow the latest research methods and employ newer digital marketing techniques in marketing our products as they reach the customer faster and in a more beneficial way for the restaurant chains.